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Old Mission, our Pioneer Village, consists of 20 original structures brought in from the local area, mostly by explorer scouts. Included in the setting is:

• A one room Schoolhouse built in the 1880s in Brender Canyon, the first in the Cashmere Valley;
• A Barber Shop;
• The General store, originally built in 1896 by Archie Smith;
• The Richardsons' Cabin, home to their twelve children, built in 1888;
• The Saddle shop, housing saddles, shoes and leather goods from the 1800’s.
• The Post Office, originally the Miller-Freer Trading Post, one of the first buildings in Wenatchee, built around 1872;
• The Buckhorn Saloon, built in 1886 on Badger mountain;
• The Jail and Sheriff's office from the lower Icicle River fitted with doors, bars and bunks from the Cashmere jail;
• The St. Francis Xavier Mission, originally built in 1873, by Father Urban Grassi, burnt down. Our replica was built by volunteers of the St. Francis Catholic Church;
• The millenery shop;
• The Print shop, with a printing press from the early 1900s;
• The Weythman Cabin, built in 1891 to honor Jim Weythman's new bride, Elizabeth;
• The Doctor and Dentist Office, built in 1890 and furnished with dental equipment from Dr. L.E. Hutchinson, pioneer dentist of Wenatchee;
• The Mission Hotel, built as a cabin in1898 near Mission Creek;
• The Blacksmith Shop built in 1889 near Dryden, was used during the construction of the Great Northern Railroad;
• The Horan Cabin, built in 1872 by Samuel C. Miller, was the birthplace of Congressman Walt Horan in 1896;
• We also have a Mine Portal built with original timbers, track and ore cars from Blewett Mine and an Assay Office, where ore samples were brought in to determine the ore’s value, built in 1879 at the Blewett Mine.


You will also see the “John McDonald Railroad” which includes a1922 Great Northern Caboose, a Section House, Ticket Office, and various railroad equipment. We also have a collection of old-time equipment from apple polishers and cherry pitters to buggies, sleighs and wagons, including a 1921 Toro Model B Dump truck and a 1925 Fordson tractor!

Be sure not to miss the Stoffel Waterwheel behind the museum along our riverwalk. The riverwalk teaches us about the importance of the Wenatchee River to Native American and pioneer life and culminates at the Stoffel Waterwheel, which was built for irrigating an orchard in Monitor in 1891 with parts from the Northstar, a sternwheeler on the Columbia River.

While outside strolling through the village take a moment to enjoy the beautiful grounds, with many native and heirloom plants around the cabins lovingly tended to by our staff and volunteers.


600 Cotlets Way, PO Box 22
Cashmere, WA 98815

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