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The Museum embraces a wonderful collection of Pioneer and Native American history.

The gift of the Willis Carey Collection of local Native American and Pioneer artifacts formed the nucleus of the Chelan County Historical Society’s collections. Basketry, beadwork, jewelry and other work showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of the local Wenatchi Indians including Celia Ann Dick and Chief John Harmelt, among others of the local region. Some of the exhibits include hunting and fishing artifacts, a sweat lodge, native food and medicine items, an exhibit about the Hudson Bay Company, and a Meso-American collection. There is also an exhibit showcasing the work of Ernest Tonk, and Walter Graham, local artists who depicted the lives of the Native Americans, pioneers and cowboys.

The Congdon Archaeological Collection contains artifacts from the middle Columbia River and the lower Snake River areas. Many of these objects date back 9,000 years. There are examples of tools, personal items, and art forms such as petroglyphs and pictographs developed over ninety centuries of human occupation in the Columbia River area.

In the lower level of the museum we have a beautiful collection of local Pioneer history, including tools, mining, veterinary equipment, boy scout memorabilia and dioramas depicting the lifestyles of the early settlers of the area, including a trappers cabin.

The Natural History Wing helps us to understand the relationship of people to the land and animals around us. Dioramas depict the landscape, plants and animals of the local sub-alpine forest, lowland woods, steppe desert and wetlands during the four seasons.

We also have some wonderful examples of petrified wood, precious and semi-precious stones from North Central Washington and mineral specimens from all over the world!

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